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Wednesday, January 16, 2002

The Mad Crapper

I asked my wife how school was today, and she told me about the investigation of The Mad Crapper. It seems that a fourth-grader left a turd in the middle of the boys' room.

My wife believes it was intentional--not an accident. Some teachers actually reviewed a video tape from a camera in the hall and determined the kid was in there alone. He had the means and never denied doing it. In fact, he laughed about it.

The seriousness with which these "incidents" are investigated cracks me up.

Earlier in her career, my wife was an aide on a psychiatric ward in a hospital. She told me about a kid they put in isolation (it's kinder, gentler version of the padded room--they don't strap you down, but there's a video camera so the staff can make sure you don't hurt yourself.) Anyway, the kid took a bowl from his lunch tray, ate the chocolate pudding that was in it...and crapped in the bowl.

Mmmm. Juicy Fruit.
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