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Tuesday, December 04, 2001

Some Things I Fix, Some I Don't

A computer-savvy guy I worked with about eight years ago said, "No matter what the capacity of your hard drive, you'll always have about two megs of space available on it." In those days a 20 meg drive was typical. I have a 10 gig drive, and my computer was getting flaky with only 200 megs of free space, so I had move a bunch of data onto CDs.

My computer is now flake-free.

No so for my car. One of the power windows got stuck. I figured I'd see if I could fix it, so pulled off the interior panel and fished around with the electric window doohickey. I pondered it for about 30 minutes--like a chimp trying to figure out how to stack boxes to get to a banana hanging from the ceiling.

If I were a chimp, I'd go hungry. I can't figure out how to fix the damn window. Looks like I have a date with Nissan.

Does this blog make me look fat?
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