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Tuesday, December 11, 2001

More Stuff I Broke

Someone has a Jeff Voodoo doll, or at least a voodoo doll of stuff I use.

A few days ago, two of the electrical outlets in our house quit working. So, I went to fuse box to investigate. Nothing had been tripped, so I shut everything off, then back on again.

That killed my answering machine. Someone left a message, and it sounded like frying eggs in a heavy downpour. I had to a buy a new answering machine.

Turns out a ground fault interrupter in another room controlled the two outlets that quit working. Push the red button on the interrupter, and you're back in business.

Then Microsoft Word quit working on my computer. Try to start it, and the computer freezes. Not even a Vulcan Nerve Pinch (Control Alt Delete) will restart it. I had to hit the button on the surge protector.

The Word problem also made my printer quit working for all applications.

I spent a day running various diagnostics, and nothing worked. (I did find a version of the Joke Rabbit virus from two years ago, though. Glad I caught that.)

Throughout all this, I again felt like a chimp in a psychology experiment. Will he figure out how to get the banana? Will he beat the machine with a stick?

Three calls to Dell tech support finally fixed my problem. I had a corrupted Word normal template that had to be deleted, and that fixed everything.

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