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Monday, December 17, 2001

Ask About Our Glorious Revolutionary Rates

Oh, what a treasure my CD of tunes cleared off my computer is. Now I'm listening to the "Volga Boat Song," which is classic "I'm-working-hard-for-Joe-Stalin music."

Which reminds me, why do so many banks have names that sound like they came from the Central Soviet Committee? First and People's Bank? Farmer's Bank?

I used to mail deposits to my old bank, which had the word "Peoples" in its name, to these:

First and Peoples' Great Patriotic Bank for the Redistribution of Wealth
Peoples' Agrarian Reform Bank
The Friedrich Engels Egalitarian Bank and Mortgage Co.
Dictatorship of the Proletariat Bank
Workers' Anti-Fascist Bank and Loan

I'd even write poetry on the deposit slip, such as:

Come on now, and don't be fickle,
Join with me at the hammer and sickle.

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