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Monday, November 26, 2001

Puking Cereal (or How I Got Into Advertising)

It was the seventh grade, and Mrs. Baker wanted the class to organize teams and write ads. Trevor, Jay and I decided to put ours on film (8 millimeter--this was 1980, before camcorders were in the hands of the average American).

Our product was "Kapow Cereal," which was fortified with lead, radium and arsenic. It was billed as just what you needed to get over your hangover.

The scenes were as follows.

Scene one: Guy wakes up and tosses bra and empty beer bottles aside. He looks disoriented. He gets out of bed, scratches his ass and heads down the hall.

Scene two: Guy pours a bowl of cereal. He eats some. The cereal bowl explodes (result of the firecrackers). Guy's head falls into bowl.

Scene three:Cheesy special effects involving someone holding a giant poster with the word KAPOW! written on it.

Scene four: Clean-cut announcer has closing remarks.

The class's favorite part was when we rewound the film, which it made it look like our star was carefully puking cereal into the spoon and adding it to the bowl.

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